Mandala focuses on healthy, conscious eating and living. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which translates to a "sacred place" in the English language. The initiative was motivated by the idea of a "sacred geometry" that is reflected in both the logo and symbol, which is the geometrical progression of the alphabet "M" in a circle. The energetic yet peaceful enterprise works on the ethos of sustainable, vital and local.


Mandala aims to bring crisp, quality produce of a Farmer's Market to the consumer's doorstep faster. The provenance of its food is paramount. It ensures the vitality of ingredients by using only fresh, unprocessed produce. Mandala does not focus on a particular type of cuisine; it aspires to introduce different victuals from the world over by striking the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. Mandala stands by the benefits of organic food.


Mandala includes healthy organic food bowls, sandwiches , beverages, and also a healthy dessert, which is the Chocolate Walnut Brownie, it's a flourless brownie with roasted caramelised walnuts.


We understand the changes in food and lifestyle and are constantly on the lookout for ingredients which make you look and feel good. Be it the superfood Spirulina or the choicest Avocadoes, Mandala knows what its customers want.


We are not crowd followers and neither should you be. Be it a Keto, Paleo or Vegan diet that you wish to follow, we have something for you.


We make sure to take care of all our customer's food cravings! With dishes like The Deconstructed Nachos, The Quinoa & Semolina Pasta, and The Charcoal Activated Pulled Chicken Burger with sweet potatoes fries, you know you will keep coming back for more.


Nutrition is important for health. An unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even affect organs such as your heart and liver. What you eat also affects the health of another organ - your skin.


As more is learned about how diet affects the body, it's becoming increasingly clear that what you eat can significantly affect the health and aging of your skin.


A very famous world- wide saying is 'You are what you eat!! This implies not only to your body, but also your skin - a vital part of your body!


Food such as - Fatty Fish, Avocados, Sweet Potatoes, Red / Yellow Bell Peppers , Broccoli and Tomatoes are really healthy for the skin . They are essential ingredients to include in any meal you consume during the day / night.


Mandala has all these ingredients in dishes such as - Beetroot Hummus and Avocado Toast , Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowl , The Miso Bowl , and The Cooked Tabbouleh Lentil , etc


The skin care industry wants us to believe that topical treatments are the best way to achieve clear, younger looking skin. But the truth is, there's no cream, gel or exfoliator equivalent that can do what a healthy diet does for your skin.


Eat Mandala Food and you will notice a good change in your skin everyday!

  • Gala No.7, Ravi Prakash building, behind Siddhivinayak Horizon, off A.V.Nagvekar Marg, Prabhadevi | Worli

  • Shop No. 5, Chinoy Mansion, Warden Road, Kemp's Corner