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Sustainable - Vital - Local

And above all Sacred

As the years go by, we as people are pulled towards our grassroots, our traditions, and the old way of doing things. From time immemorial the kitchen has been the core of every household.

With this thought, we created Mandala - a sacred place that nourishes your vitality through healthy, organic food. At Mandala, we have a deep-rooted respect for the environment. We reflect this faith in our responsible business practices. Because we believe in sustainable agriculture, we either grow our produce at home, or source it locally. Every ingredient we use is farmed ecologically. Every dish we serve is in gratitude towards the people who grow our produce.

The seeds of Mandala were planted due to a passion for conscious eating. The combination led to the birth of a brand that offers only quality, fresh and earthy cuisine. Our biodynamic cuisine is an alchemy of a pinch of tradition and a hint of experimentation. We work along with the local community to commit to wholesome food that retains its vitality. Therefore, we carefully craft our menus every season to constantly focus only on fresh, ethical produce, brought in from local farmer’s markets.

With our green philosophy, we continuously push the boundaries of quality and transparency. At Mandala, we are connoisseurs of ‘living food’ that is quintessential to the planet, body and soul.

Eat with a conscience.

Our Values:

Sustainable: Because we believe in protecting the environment for future generations.

Vital: Because our bodies thrive better with fresh, nutritious food.

Local: Because we believe in reinvesting in the community that supports us.


What our customers say

Excellent packaging, fresh ingredients and finally an option for healthy organic produce! The meal came in good time and was delicious! A must try!
Rating: 5.00 / 5.00 by Mona Rajani
Tried the papaya salad, deconstructed nacho and the srilankan rice bowl. All came super fresh and tasted excellent! Definately repeat worthy !
Rating: 5.00 / 5.00 by Arnav Shah
Mikhelrajani great food! Perfect for health conscious people who want something healthy and simply delicious, and different food. For people who want to break the monotony !! A must try!
Rating: 5.00 / 5.00 by Rushang Shah
Ordered a alot of items for lunch today what really really stood out was the arugula salad and korean bibimbap bowl it was so good, so good that it made me feel like I was back in korea town in LA eating lunch at Mr changs.... But overall everything was really good... Must try
Rating: 5.00 / 5.00 by Abhishek Dhanak


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